Saturday, May 17, 2014

White Pottery Collection

photo 4

I’ve collected white pottery, mostly vintage pieces, over the years and displayed it throughout our home, using it in many different ways,

for potted plants,




or as a vase,


to hold stuff like kitchen utensils,



and wine utensils, ........just to name a few.


The pottery was also used to add white accents into the décor.  I liked the idea of unifying our kitchen/family room, dining room and formal living room with white pottery accents scattered throughout as the rooms are all somewhat open to each other.   

But during my recent and ongoing effort to de-clutter and re-paint our house (including ceilings, ugh), I decided to redesign a cluttered built-in shelving unit in our formal living room.  The built-in previously housed our CD collection (that we rarely ever use anymore thanks to I-Tunes), some pretty boxes (all empty), various mismatched picture frames that I couldn’t fit in any other part of the house, a couple of statues and a few family games.  

It seemed like a good idea at the time to put all that stuff there 5 or 6 years ago, and of course it was neatly staged.  Since we have two larger built-in shelves in our office that hold all of our books and collectibles from traveling, and plenty of dish storage with a buffet and china cabinet in the dining room, I really didn’t have a better use for these shelves when we moved in.  So, I just put stuff there to fill it up space.  But after really looking at each thing on the shelf during this de-clutter process, I realized that the cabinet looked like a bunch of shelves of all the stuff that I didn’t know where else to put.  So, I picked out only the things I love and can use, and got rid of the rest. 

I decided to display all the white pottery that had been put in a pile after being de-cluttered from other rooms.   Suddenly, the built-in had a purpose!    A darker paint color was chosen for the back of the built-in, to contrast the color of the pottery.  And my white pottery which previously had been scattered throughout the house transformed into a beautiful collection!   I just really love the simplicity, utility, versatility, unity and serenity of it displayed together in one space. 

photo 2

And the best part is that I thought I didn’t have any more room for white pottery.  Now that I have a place specifically for my collection, I realize I DO have space for a few more pieces!!  (wink)

Any other pottery collectors out there?  I’d love to see pics!!!

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