Friday, March 2, 2012

Check out this Ceiling Fan!


Hey Homies!  Isn’t it cute!?!?  I was walking through Lowe’s yesterday and this little beauty caught my eye.  Now, I know that there are a LOT of designers out there that dislike ceiling fans and want to rip them out of every home they can get their hands on.  But let’s be realistic, they aren’t just there for looks.  They do actually perform a function that many people want or need in their space.  I will however admit that, if I see one hanging over a dining room or kitchen table, I have to hold myself  back from ripping it out of the ceiling with my bare hands.
The look of this fan just might appeal to those who typically don’t like the look of ceiling fans since the blades aren’t as visible, and it’s not screaming “Hello, I’m a ceiling fan!”  But the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw it was that it appeared to be so much safer than typical ceiling fans.  I know, I know, how can a ceiling fan be UNSAFE.

Well, let me tell you, with  so many people using loft beds these days, a ceiling fan CAN be a potential hazard.  Loft beds are typically used in smaller spaces, allowing the space under the bed to be utilized for a desk area, sofa area, play area, etc.  But if you think about it, when you put a loft bed in a small room that has a ceiling fan, you can literally reach out (even accidentally) and touch the fan  which can be very dangerous – even for adults.  I know this for a fact!  LOL!  If you check out my Tween Spy Room post, you can see that I came up with another solution to prevent any decapitations or amputations – the "bullet proof shield."  This solution worked in the spy room, but it certainly wouldn’t work in most room designs.  This fan, however, I think would be the perfect solution for small rooms with loft beds, that pose a potential hazard from fan blades.

Another space that I thought might be perfect for one of these babies is in a basement – particularly if the ceilings are low.  Most basements probably don’t have a need for a ceiling fan since they typically stay cool, but ours does because it has a pellet stove that we use quite often to heat the basement in the winter.   The pellet stove is on an outside wall though, for venting reasons, so the ceiling fan nearby helps to distribute the heat throughout the entire basement.  Although my plan was to replace the ugly, plain, white fan that is currently in our basement with a fan that had more of an oil rubbed bronze finish, I’m going to consider this particular brushed nickel fan for a while to see if it will work with the design.  But not for too long!  It has happened more than once that I had to think about a product for a while before purchasing, only to go back and learn that it had been discontinued and I had to go back to Square One! 

If only this ceiling fan had been in my first house back in 1992.  My little hand-fed, white parakeet met her demise by the ceiling fan when she escaped from her cage while I was at work one day.  Poor Snowball!  It’s a little humorous now, but back then it crushed me (no pun intended).

The fan is by Allen & Roth and is called Dexter, Item #331102.  It’s  a little costly in my book at $299, but unique enough that I would pay the price.  Here is the link if interested:
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