Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don’t be afraid to mix and match ceiling fans and light kits!!!



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It’s pretty obvious by looking at the photo above that this antiqued yellowish chandelier does not go with this modern gloss white ceiling fan.   Or does it?  Hmmmmm?

I ran into a design dilemma recently.  Yes, another one!    The dilemma started because I needed a ceiling fan in an upper story bedroom to help with circulation, but a chandelier was the perfect fixture to bring in the bling that this room needed.  Now, ceiling fan chandeliers are not a new thing, but the dilemma was that I needed a “mini” ceiling fan, with “mini” blades, and I couldn’t find a “mini” ceiling fan/chandelier.

So here’s what I did.  I bought this white Monte Carlo 20” mini ceiling fan .  Check out the little 7 inch blades.  Aren't they cute!?!  

But instead of buying the light kit that comes with it, I found this Pretty In Pink universal light kit.  It did say “universal,” so I crossed my fingers and ordered it. 

When I got everything unpacked, I knew that the color of the chandelier would not work.  It was much more yellow than it looked in the picture on line. 


It was nothing that a little spray paint couldn’t fix though.

When painting lamps or light fixtures, I always use painter’s tape to cover the sticker that lists the maximum size bulb that can be used in the fixture, since it can be dangerous to use the wrong light bulbs.    I remember at our last house, the light over the tub would always blink on and off and we thought that, either there was a short in it, or we had a ghost.  It turns out that the previous owner had used a higher wattage bulb than was suggested.  Once we put in the correct bulb, we never had another problem with it.  So much for the ghost theory.  LOL

A good way to paint a chandelier is to hang it.  I happen to have a tree that works great for this purpose.


Okay, back to the ceiling fan.  After removing the old fixture, painting the ceiling (your eyes are not deceiving you, the ceiling is purple, but not that purple), and adding the medallion, the mini fan was a breeze (pun intended, hehe) to install.  Well, there was this one little problem I just remembered but I think it was the medallion’s fault.  After connecting the wires, I didn’t have enough strength to push the fan up into the bracket and turn the housing to lock it into place.  Luckily, as always, hubby came to the rescue.  Thanks, muscle man! xoxo   I think the additional thickness of the medallion was what made it so tight and hard to turn.


The universal light kit was a cinch to install. Both the fan and light kit came with easy-to-follow instructions.  As with most chandeliers, the hardest part was putting on all of the ornament.  I will say the illustration for the ornaments was not as good as it should have been, and I ended up having to study a few photos on the Internet to figure it out. 


Pretty cute, huh?  Who’d a thunk it?

This mini fan chandelier is the perfect combination of all of the other elements going into this room, marrying modern with antique.


Are you wondering why I needed the “mini” blades since there appears to be plenty-o-room for a regular sized fan? Well, it’s a surprise! And I’m so excited about it!!!! And can’t wait to show you soon!!!!!!

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