Monday, August 13, 2012

Hot Pink Contemporary Pendant Chandelier

Greetings from the Home Girl!

Walking through  “The Hob”(Hobby Lobby) a while back, I got sidetracked by noticed these interesting pink painted metal ring spheres and decided I could turn them into pendant lights.  I’m currently remodeling my little diva’s room, taking it from a pastel pink little princess room to a hot pink big girl glamour room, and wanted to use pendant lighting, as opposed to lamp lighting, in an effort to reduce the amount of “stuff” sitting around on the furniture tops.  So, we needed two pendant lights - one for over the nightstand and one for over the closet/mirror area.  The other lighting in the room is a blingy chandelier and mini ceiling fan that I put together here:  Mini Ceiling Fan/Chandelier.  Since the main ceiling light has crystally bling, the diva and I thought the pendant lights should be a little blingy too.  After all, they are the jewelry of the room.


Before we move on, let me just say, this room is in a bit of a state-of-disrepair due to the holdup on the crown molding and canopy surround, but try to imagine lots of white wedding veil fabric flowing from ceiling to floor, encircling the entire bed and flanking the windows, and topped off with a 25 feet of valance made with a beautiful pale pink and white damask fabric.  Can you see it yet?  This room will be all about the fabrics….whenever I can ever get them all sewn and installed. 


Now, back to the lights, what I really loved about these metal ring spheres is that the rings mimic the pattern on the custom window shades that I made for this room.


I thought it would be a great way to repeat the circles in the room to add conformity……. circle conformity.  And when the light is turned on...........


...............look at the cool effect the rings make on the wall............


.................................and on the ceiling! 


I’m having lots of trouble photographing the exact color of this room.  The color either shows up too intense, or too dark, or too red, or too light, or too bright.  Hopefully, I’ll get that worked out before I complete the room so I can make better photographs of the finished product.   


Do the long crystal strands in the center look like legs and the other strands of shorter crystals look like arms?   Making the metal ring sphere look like a head?  I wanted to change this up a bit but the diva likes them just the way the are so I guess we will stick with this “pendant light people” version for now. 


Pretty blingy?


Groovy Circles!  Who needs a disco ball when you have one (or two) of these babies?

So……in case you’re wondering how to turn an object into a pendant light, it’s really easy. 

You start with a light kit.  In this case, I bought two swag pendant light kits at Home Depot. 


After threading the cord through the swag chain, and then through the swag hook ring, I inserted the cord through a center hole in the sphere. 


I used a large washer as a spacer to keep the small hook ring from falling through the hole where the wire enters the sphere.


Next, this little doohickey (below) slides onto the wire.  The threads on that rod (below) will screw into the bottom of the hook ring (above), which is how the light socket attaches to this sphere that I’m using as a shade/globe.


Once the wires are attached, screws tightened, and the socket is screwed into the doohickey above…………


It’s ready for a light bulb!  Wasn't that simple?


It looks stylish  and sleek just the way it is, without adding any bling.  But for this glamour room, we needed bling!!!

After ceiling hooks were installed in the bedroom, the pendant lights were put into place so that the location of the switches could be determined.  These switches are also simple to install by simply following the package directions.

Lots of bling, a few feather boas and swag light kits have transformed these metal ring spheres into unique one-of-a-kind pendant chandeliers.


I’ve also been working on building a few grown-up versions of this type of pendant lighting  to sell, by using an interesting collection of a certain vintage object I discovered in a thrift store.  I’m thinking custom lighting is way cool!  It’s easy to walk into a few stores and buy all the things you need to design, decorate or style an awesome space.  But I really enjoy a room more though when it has that custom, created, individual, one-of-a-kind feel, and these cute little pendant lights certainly reflect (a little bit of pun intended) that element.

Peace out, Homies!    And once again, thanks for stopping  by!  You really “light” up my life.  hehe  Really, though, you do!!! Pin It

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