Monday, February 3, 2014

BEFORE AND AFTER – French Provincial Dresser

Hey Homies!!!!  It's been a while.  I've been so busy refinishing furniture and trying to build my business that I haven't blogged in a while.  I've got lots of BEFORE AND AFTER pictures to show you, and I'll start with a cute little French Provincial style dresser. This Craigslist purchase had great curvy lines and of course I loved the vintage hardware since I'm a vintage hardware freak.  I bought it from a college student who I believe said he had inherited it from his aunt.   This was the Craigslist photo.  


Needless to say, it had been around the block a few times and was pretty scratched up.  The wood on the frame of the dresser didn't appear to be anything special to me, but I love how you can see the movement in the wood grain on the drawer fronts. 

       photo (2)
The drawers were in pretty good condition with the exception of a couple of deep gouges on one of the top drawers.  They were deep enough that I decided to fill them in with wood putty.  After a light sanding, I rubbed all the drawers down with a couple of coats of Dark Walnut Danish Oil to show off that pretty wood veneer.  


I gave the frame several coats of satin ultra white with a lightly distressed finish.                  

And then decided to give a headboard I had in storage the same two-toned treatment, making a set of the two mismatched pieces.              

I liked the idea of mixing the styles of a modern two-toned treatment to a French Provincial style piece.......ending with a Contemporary French Provincial style.  All of the sudden, it had a new life! 

And I love the shape of that hardware!  You just can't find that everyday!!!!  I got it all shined up and I liked it, but I didn't LOVE it once I put the hardware back on.


But I LOVE the hardware painted white!!!!!!  


It just POPS on those glossy Dark Walnut stained drawer fronts!



Isn't it cute???   On to the next rescue!  ************SOLD!**********************

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